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Thulani Vereen is a software engineer at Microsoft and a freelance choreographer based in Atlanta. She holds a bachelor’s in computer science from Spelman College where she merged her passions for computer science and dance through award-winning research projects. Thulani has been an Artist in Residence at the Atlanta Contemporary Art Center and Dance Canvas, a guest artist with the Georgia Tech Science Art Wonder program, a visiting artist at the Home Training exhibit, a choreographer with Room to Move since graduating in 2020. She applies algorithmic thought processes from her technical studies to her choreographic process and dance pedagogy. She intentionally uses her dance creations to influence her tech-related projects. Thulani aims to create works that encapsulate stories most authentic to humanity. She aspires to be at the forefront of the technological revolution of the arts by inventing performing arts technologies for dance performance and dance education.In her free time, Thulani enjoys running, skincare, and everything relating to Mariah Carey.

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