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"idea capital awards grants to atlanta artists to engage with social issues"

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"Dance canvas, Atlanta contemporary select eight for choreography residency"


Top Spelman Graduates get tuition balance paid


"Thulani Vereen Thrives at the Intersection of Art and Technology" 


"CodeHouse To Expose Middle, High School Students To STEM Careers"

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"Thulani Vereen: Creator. Inventor. Dancer. Scientist. Software Engineer."


"Atlanta Contemporary Partner Artist: Thulani Vereen"

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NPR Atlanta - Dance Canvas and Atlanta Contemporary Choreographic Residency


"Spelman Dance at the Lunder Institute, Colby College Museum" 


"While most of the dance students are degree candidates, the program also attracts some who are not, like 19-year-old Thulani Vereen, who is a computer science major. "

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