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Mosaka's Travel | 4.16.24 - 4.17.24


Synchronicity Theatre - Stripped Bare Arts Incubator


Atlanta, Georgia

Mosaka's Travel is a new theatrical dance work that depicts the journey of a courageous South African girl, breaking free from the shackles of Apartheid's insidious racism and seeking solace in an ostensibly equal and promising land: the United States. This personal narrative unravels the coming-of-age story of the artist's mother, Dorothy Mosaka.

With a dynamic ensemble, this work weaves a tapestry of movement, blending modern, contemporary, African, and jazz techniques. The performance begins amidst the idyllic landscapes of rural South Africa, transitions to Dorothy's journey to America, and ultimately illuminates the culmination of Mosaka's odyssey—a tale of new beginnings, love, motherhood, and the intricate nuances of pursuing the American Dream as a black woman in America. This work aims to resonate with the universal quest for identity, equality, and the indomitable human spirit, capturing the resilience of the human spirit as it embraces the universal pursuit of dreams.

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