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Spelman Programming Team

The Spelman Programming Team is an all-black, all women's competitive coding team. Thulani Vereen has been the Co-Captain of the Spelman Programming Team for the last 3 years since she started it with 2 of her peers. Since then, they have grown the team to about 25 members and have engaged over 90 Computer Science students in the Atlanta University Center via culminating activities and events.  


CodeHouse Tech Exposure Day

In 2019, five students came together to produce the first-ever CodeHouse Tech Exposure Day. The event was a manifestation of conversations starting in 2018 between Thulani and 4 Morehouse students. The collective of students aimed to expose children in systemically oppressed communities to the opportunities that exist within the technology industry. Their mission was to use exposure as a vehicle to tackle the diversity gap in the tech industry, hoping that with exposure, diverse youths will consider taking up computer science. The students partnered with several major technology companies to bring the vision to fruition.  


Dynamite Theatre and Dance Company

Dynamite Theatre and Dance Company is a student-run collective consisting of artists from a breadth of disciplines across the Performing Arts. Thulani Vereen is the Dance Artistic Director in partnership with Christain Spade Fedison, Founder and Company Director. Under Dynamite, Thulani practices her algorithmic thinking dance pedagogy through free community dance classes. 

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